Wednesday, 25 January 2017

worth drama

hey, I'm a type of girl who loves to watch Korean dramas so much! it's not only because of its actors but also the story line of the drama is so amusing and I can't stop from watching it.

The story line of the drama I can tell you it's different from malay dramas that i ever watched. I admitted that the quality of the dramas makes them different. Maybe the way they budgeting all the drama stuffs is equivalent to its quality. I mean the budget. While Malaysia's surely has certain good dramas but their budget maybe ain't enough to build as nicest as Korea's dramas.

and this! my favorite drama all the time, Oh My Venus! oh seriously this drama inspiring me to be able to see the real fitness world. And back then I didn't ever concern about what I consume everyday but now I'm inspired. yes by this drama. And alsoooo i kind of like to having a personal trainer. huhuhu. Like So Ji Sub maybe .

Oh My Venus

so I'm currently having a fitness rule and I'll make sure my body  turns to what I really want! 

Friday, 13 January 2017

Faiz and English

I feel bad knowing that there are people out there still bashing each other on something useless. Immature enough to say, bringing up something that it shouldn't be to. That's I want to talk about, Faiz Subri,  a Malaysian footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Penang FA, a Malaysian Super League club.

He recently won the 2016 FIFA Puskás Award because of his  free-kick goal that amazed people who watched the strike he made. Congratulations!

However  when he was giving a short speech on the stage (during FIFA award), he can't control his nervousness and ended up with speaking inconsistently in front of international audiences. And netizen started to doubt his ability for going further, internationally. 10 % of netizen seemed underestimating and the rest, bashed the 10 % ones. And that 10 % lost. And the 90 % brought up the case, talking too much about that, none stop. Perhaps it looks fine to protect the flaws, but when too much statements and some sort of, it gives us severe headache to think our people are actually very funny.

While Faiz Subri...

Holding Puskás Award, took pictures with famous footballers, received $$$$$$$ from government right after he arrived Malaysia, lives happily ever after.


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Money, Love

hi, it's been a long time.

guys, i realised my writing skill has been degraded by my lack-ness of reading to knowledgeable books but have always turned to read comics, watching a lot of cliche's dramas and sort of, instead. Sometimes i don't know what am i writing even for this entry i bet, my grammars and confident level are both worst.

so, who cares?

but in case you have problem in choosing love and money, let this entry read your heart. Better understands you.

I'm sad. If and only if I have friends like joy and happy everyday, maybe I can fade this name of sad. Because of money, my happiness is gone.

I believe that love can bring happiness but less money.. :(  A phrase said, ''Money Can't Buy You Happiness'. That's truly wrong. What I want to say is, a person who has money is not rich people. But rich people should have money to be rich. And person who has money, absolutely achieves happiness that he/she desired.

My story is about myself for not having money to buy basic things and my family members always arguing about this thing. Gloomy everyday, refuse to talk to everybody just in case it's important, i just nod and stay despondent. I've always been thinking when this problem will end? i have enough being dispirited all days long. I hate this happens. Whenever i look to anybody who has great relationship among family members, I know they always approach money to complete what their wants and eventually it brings happiness to them. They share happiness using their money as long as they know how to create memorable and nice surrounding in family members. While me?

Don't get  wrong ideas bout my thought. Of course I love my family. But for this moment, i can't withstand the sadness and the fact that they keep arguing about this matter.

i once saw a post from my friend that said, ''how can they say they don't have enough money for buying food? but buy Iphone using loans/sholarship instead?'' CAN YOU JUST SHUT UP AND LET ME SHOW YOU SOMETHING YOU DON'T KNOW BECAUSE YOU'RE ****** HAVE ENOUGH MONEY FOR EVERYTHING!

every student has different course of studies and the total loan/scholarship is also different.

  •  example : a girl has loan RM 27,000 for 8 semesters. One semester is six months. 
  • Each semesters student will receive the loan approximately RM 3,000 ++. Hence for 1 month, RM 3,000/6 months = RM 500 ++.
  • It doesn't include students' fee = RM 1000 ++ (each university has different fees).
  • so the remaining? 
so how far the statement can approve it sees everything what exactly my problem is? I got my new phone because i worked hard by doing part time job after having nuisance and cracked phone in 2 years! can't download important pictures (for assignments purpose), battery always low, can't make calls, etc. I feel so bad to people who easy look down for me while they can have phone directly asking from their parents or their parents themselves give them as a present. 

2017. i hope this will be the end of my miserable chapter.

Thursday, 22 September 2016


Hello, assalamualaikum readers!

Ok for sure I wouldn't start this entry with "it's been a while bla, bla..."

Yo, I want to tell you about why do people jealous with my place and what are the best things in Sepang to those who ain't live in Sepang but putting bad  assumptions about my place.

Yes, sepang is the one of famous places in Malaysia you know where main airport, f1 circuit, and Sepang Gold Coast are stated here. I'm glad to be a Sepang-ian and even happy to see my place becomes one of the most visited places by foreigners ( that is because they have always transit here).

And absolutely the thing that you have to know is 1/3 of this place has been embedded by palm oil plantation area. You know how important the palm oil in our daily life isn't it? Haha it's funny those who never use it. Ok ok yes I know some people prefer maize oil, seed oil, olive oil in their foods whatsoever reputedly to maintain their healthy body. meh.

Ok that's enough about oil. Now, transportation. Everyone knows Sepang is the easiest place to get  public transport to certain areas especially the main places that some people have always wants to get off there for shopping, working, studying etc. Kan? What else? F1 circuit? Oh god, if I'm a fan of racing car or something like that, some sort of, I can tell you everything in details about that .

Oh, jobs everywhere! During the sembreak of mine, I would be able applying any jobs vacancy (part time job) and it's like kopek kacang makan then petik jari. Senang.

Sepang is different from Kuala Lumpur but still, why do people love to say Sepang is KL and KL is place that stated in Selangor?. Shah Alam = KL. Kajang = KL. Putrajaya = KL. I hate that.

some friends of mine from KL went here back then have asked me, "kenapa eh sepang ada banyak hutan? Kau tak bosan ke doh? (nothing in Sepang though, too crowded with such bunch of trees. never get bored?)". Eh, wei. What the real eff are u huh. (Jangan meniru ayat ini ). I never get bored staying here as long as there was always have some facilities and conveniences for me. While KL needs 10 malls in its area. ( Tak macam KL, dah ada dua mall, nak lagi 10 mall). Then, wasting time and money as well. Amboi mak. Yes, I also sometimes go to KL to watch movies at cinema because the route to the KL from sepang is just 15 minutes by erl or KTM (KTM lambat sikit). But for shopping malls, Sepang is easy to spot them. So i don't have problem to shop branded things!

Sepang is not an influencing place like KL. Sepang stays modest but for sure, Sepang is an intermediary between the important places. I would say, tempat beristirehat la sort of. Macam2 boleh dapat. 

Actually banyak lagi sis nak membebel since people kept asking me ada apa kat sepang  tapi sampai sini lah kan. Till we meet again.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

lelaki idaman

so my friends(girls) basically will bring up a topic that every typical girl like to talk about which is 'lelaki idaman' . I have no idea about this but for sure my lists of characteristics of Lelaki Idaman is actually has probabilty of 40 %  that I would/will get him as my jodoh.

I know I'm not perfect. So don't bash me T.T

so here ;

1. perfect bone structure
2. thick eyebrows (terbentuk)
3. Broad chest
4. 6 ft above tall
5. cara dia pakai kemeja (lipat lengan)
6. pointed nose
7. like sports  
8. taper fade haircut (depends la jugak)
10. tak kisah cerah atau gelap
11. Senyum sokmo!

rather than these criteria, I think an intelligent guy is the most hottest! also, a guy who works hard and knows his responsibility I admire the most!